Choosing a Home Builder

Posted at 7:13 pm on June 4th, 2012 in Home Building Tips

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Choosing a home builder is a big decision. A well constructed home is built with a solid plan & quality craftmanship from the ground up. Here are a few ideas of what to look for when choosing a home builder.

Does your Builder...

  • Have Home Warranty coverage from Travelers?

    Travelers provides the most exclusive home warranty in BC. Travelers has stringent acceptant policies which means builders must meet guidelines in terms of experience and quality. DKT is accepted and covered by Travelers Home Warranty.

  • Use trades who are real craftsmen, and stay loyal to them?

    It is imperative that your builder establishes a mutual respect and a great working relationship with their trades. To build a high quality custom home, it is essential not to be swayed by the lowers quotes and quick turn-around times for important trades such as framers, plumbers, painters and floor layers. We have assembeled a team of craftsmen who are honest and conscientious. We stick with them and by them, even if we have to wait a few days while they finish another job.

  • Give his trades enough time and space to do their job well?

    Planning out a schedule that affords the trades people the space and time to do their work without additional stress of tripping over one another and adding additional tension is key to a well built home. This provides an environment  that allows people to do their best, questions to be properly addressed and ultimately leading to a solid finished product. 

    Ask your builder if he spreads his schedule out enough that his trades aren’t having to give up weekends or evenings continually to get things done.  If he has a great relationship with his trades, he wouldn’t mind you asking some of them some specific questions, right?

  • Plan to spend time with you going over plans and choices

    Effective and timely communication is the key to a smooth home building process. There are a number of choices and decisions that need to be made over the course of a new home construction build. We work with you to provide guidance and reasonable timelines so you can make the best choices for your new home. We won't just throw a stack of catalogues at you, nor will we be presenting you with choices at the last minute.

    Our goal is to help you as much or as little as you want us to, and to create a realistic timeline as to when choices need to be made by.

  • Spend time going over your house plans in detail?

    We offer to pore over every room, closet, door swing, window size and placement with our clients in order to ensure the space will look, feel and function very well.

  • Have a great working relationship with City Inspectors?

    Builders who are at odds with inspectors and building departments on a continual basis usually are not offering the best quality home to their clients. The City Hall is not available to give opinions, but you may want to ask if the builder has ever had any stop work orders.

  • Engage in Community?

    Do they offer their services and resources to non-profit organizations?  Are they involved in endeavors that are bigger than themselves, and go beyond making a profit?  If they are, that usually means they are others-centred, and are willing to look at life from the perspective of others.  This translates into them putting their customers’ best interests into the equation of building their home.

There are many more meaningful questions to ask the person(s) who will potentially build your home, but these can be a great start.