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Excited about having a home built but not sure where to start?

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Thinking of Building a Custom Home?

DKT Homes Approach – Transparency is Key.

At DKT Homes we are committed to being forerunners in the home building industry, moving toward a completely transparent approach of providing custom homes. We have invested our time and energy in creating a clear step-by-step path. In our experience over the years, we find that people often don’t know how they would get started with building a custom home and therefore sometimes settle for an already built home that does not meet all of their needs and is not designed specifically for them.

Step #1 - Initial Consultation

This preliminary conversation gives us the information needed to give you a price range estimate for your home. We offer this at no cost or obligation to you. This is where our transparent model begins, as we would explain our management fee structure, which contains no hidden costs.

Step #2 – Choosing a homesite

At DKT Homes we would love to work with you right from the start to help you choose a home site if you don’t already have one. We would consider the shape, size and slope of the parcel to make sure that it fits your needs. We would also think through parking, privacy, outdoor living and so on to help you find a home site that is best suited for you.

Step #3 – Preliminary Contract

When you are satisfied with the location choice, but still not sure if your dream home would work within your budget on the desired lot, we suggest putting a conditional offer on the lot.  At this stage we would write up a preliminary contract in which we require a deposit on to get started with our home designer to come up with preliminary layouts for your home.

Step #4 - Building Contract

Once you are pleased with the initial plans and proposed budget numbers, you would remove the subjects from the land purchase and we could move on into a contract for the construction of the home. At this stage we would develop, with your input, our line-by-line budget of over 80 items and outline the monetary draws due at the stages of construction. At DKT we understand the importance of trust between the homeowner and builder, and therefore continue to take every step to bring peace of mind throughout the process.

Step #5 – Official Plans and Permitting

We would continue to work closely with you and our designer to complete your working drawings. Once completed, we would give you a timeline for the project and provide you with a refined line item budget.

For more information about getting started view our article on choosing a builder.

For a print version of these steps download the pdf.

Building a Custom Home with DKT

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